Mechanical engineering and services
for the printing industry



  • PRINOVIS Ahrensburg, add ribbon #9 at two roto gravure presses TR6B-245-
  • Helio Print France, add ribbon #12 KBA TR7B-308-


  • Eurohuece SA Barcelona, replacement of SI collector cylinder bearings with reworked control cams for the folding knife and gripper control
  • Prinoivs Ahrensburg, supply of a 3-2 stitcher for fitting into the V7-1020 folding device


  • Altair SA Madrid, Spain, installation of a V7-1020 folding device to a 96S Goss Heatset machine. The extension means it is possible to process horizontal pages stably. The cut-off length for horizontal production is 413.33 mm


  • Prinovis Nürnberg, rework of control cams and cover plates, repair of worn out collector cylinder axis and levelling out the hole on the collector cylinder.
  • Helio Charleroi, extension of the top funnel structure on a 2.45-m machine to 5 double strands
  • Prinovis Ahrensburg, general overhaul of a stitcher including rework of the control cams and cover plate
  • Prinovis Ahrensburg, repair of a control cam for the folders


  • Conversion of the TR6B-270- at TSB in Mönchengladbach
  • The R5 is being converted from an intermediate deck version to a ground level machine, i.e. the pulley carriers, pre-feed unit and rope station must be re-positioned behind the steel base. Furthermore, adjustment work to the steel base is necessary. In the ÜBA area, the S9-S11 pair of supports must be extended to +4400 mm and for the printing mechanisms the longitudinal member will be placed directly on the foundations. In doing so, the S5-S8 pair of supports will be shortened so that the floor covering is reduced to +1450 mm in the DW area. The total width of the inspection platform is 12 m and, on the outside of the inspection platform, stairways and an apron for cladding purposes have to be installed.
  • In addition, a KBA V7/7d-1162 Kom. 260433 folding device provided by the customer with top funnel structure Kom. 260456/61503800 will be installed. This FA-2 is only designed for the manufacture of funnel productions. The FA/ÜBA will be powered by three phase servomotors, with corresponding attachments being designed and produced.
  • Due to the structural circumstances, the ground level design will have the following machine configuration seen from the operator side from right to left:
  • 1 double pulley carrier with pre-feed unit, rope station will be positioned on the RT
  • Printing mechanism #8-5 (first run printing)
  • Printing mechanism #4-1 (reverse printing)
  • 1 FA V7-940 and ÜBA from the M6 with 10 strands
  • 1 FA V7d-1162 and top funnel structure from the M5, extension with 2nd funnel from the M4. Funnel #1 will be extended to max. 8 strands and with funnel #2 a max. of 4 strands can be processed.
  • Preparation of facility plans to integrate Kom. 61701300 in the printing works building in Mönchengladbach. Attention must be paid here to the conversion of the machine from an intermediate deck design to ground level design. What is more, the new configuration of the machine means that the machine’s paper feed and cable guide need to be adapted and conversion parts supplied.


  • Prinovis Nürnberg, supply of two MüllerMartini Avanti log stackers
  • TSB Mönchengladbach, supply of a V7d-1140 folding device with two sheet outputs and stitcher
  • Commissioning of two Kochsiek decor printing machines at Interprint Brazil
  • Optimisation of a 12-colour RCL gravure printing machine at our customer MMP in Trier because of colour splashes and hence losses in quality. Reconstruction of the squeegee holder and retrofitting of splash guards
  • Dismantling, transportation and storage of a TR6B-270- at TSB Mönchengladbach


Belgian Post Office Mechelen

  • Optimisation of a Göbel 4-colour rotogravure printing press with intaglio mechanism, flatbed die-cutter and cross cutter
  • Problem: The press does not build up any paper web tension
  • ND-E approach: Overhaul of the web tension control gearbox within 10 working days
  • Result: The paper web tension is stable again and the flatbed die-cutter meets our customer’s clients quality requirements

TSB Mönchengladbach

  • In-line manufacture of stitched products on two lines
  • Starting situation: Stitching is only possible on one side of the folding device
  • Approach: Conversion of the single width section stitcher with 4x2 stitching heads to a double width stitcher with 4x4 stitching systems
  • Result: Production of saddle-stitched products (magazines, advertising materials) is possible on 2 cutting lines.


PrintForum Kirchardt Montage TR10B-352-

  • Rough assembly of eight print units consisting of lower and upper part
  • Fine alignment of eight print units in longitudinal and transverse axes
  • Alignment of the side wall joints
  • Measurement report of the machine alignment

UCS Industrieelektronik GmbH

  • Software engineering intralogistics system